Do You Need It? 5 Benefits of Protein Powder For Women

Keeping in great shape is no longer the preserve of high-level male athletes, as us ladies are now frequent visitors of the gym (in some cases more than the guys!) as we endevour to try and lose some extra weight or get those toned sexy curves that make the guys go crazy.


However, working out brings its own set of challenges, one of which being that your body demands extra protein (to repair muscle tissue) which a normal diet generally doesn’t provide. This is where protein powder comes in.


“What?! Protein powder? Isn’t that what those huge bloated bodybuilders use?”


Well yes and no.


True, they are using protein supplements…but they’re also using other hormone supplements, steroids (possibly), weight training about 4 or 5 hours a day, and, being male, have a substantially higher level of testosterone flowing through their body than any average lady will EVER have.


In other words, the protein powder doesn’t cause their huge muscles any more than the fact that they also drink water or eat steak.


Protein shakes are just a really convenient way to get extra protein when you need it. So in this article we are going to look at some of the benefits of using protein powder if you’re a woman.

#1 Improved Performance


Whether you are an athlete or just “an ordinary Jane” trying to stay healthy; any intense physical activity you engage in leads to the combustion of proteins. For you to be consistent in your work out, your body needs proteins to be available for cumbustion. Since protein powder is a form of branched-chain amino acids, it gets absorbed quickly into your body ensuring that the much needed proteins are available to nourish your muscles as you work out.

#2 Better Muscle Growth


If you aim at building muscle, for quicker results, you need an adequate protein supply as it enhances faster tissue replenishment after a work out and it also promotes the growth of muscles. Research findings from the Whey Protein Institute have shown that proten powder is rich in leucine, a protein content that cannot be produced by the human body. Leucine is associated with better muscle healing and growth which is very essential for muscle growth.

#3 Loss of extra fat


Many women trying to lose weight will tell you it is not easy street since female bodies are naturally wired to retain more fat than men. By incorporating protein powder supplements in their diet, women get to reduce the rate of fat deposit in their bodies as well as increase the volume of lean muscle. As you work out, your body gets to breakdown more protein and with the help of these supplements you get to burm more calories thus losing more fat. As a matter of fact, research findings by Dr. Donald Layman of Illinois University proved that the loss of body fat is directly proportional to a person’s protein supplement intake.

#4 Age Gracefully


The society today is very critical of image and appearance and women are the most pressurerized to look young, healthy and beautiful regardless of their age. The problem however is that as a woman grows old, her skin will definitely sag, fat levels are bound to increase and the muscle will obviously decrease. Do not be scared if you face such a predicament. A study by the USDA’S Agricultural Research Service stated that taking powdered protein supplements comes in handy in cutting down muscle loss and it also strengthens your bones.

#5 Reduce Chances of Contacting Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes is becoming a health concern all over the world. Since most people are left to consume foods high in fat and less in nutrient content, they have no choice but to acquire medication for curbing such conditions. Consuming whey protein offers you the opportunity to decrease your protein intake from other fatty foods which are more likely to be high in fat and calories. Additionally, powdered protein helps in decreasing your insulin levels as well as decrease the rate of sugar absorption into your blood.


Not sure which protein powder is right for you? Check out our top 5 weight loss shakes here


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