Dymatize Elite All Natural Whey Review


Dymatize has gained a great reputation over the last few years, and their standard Elite Gourmet Whey range is regarded as one of the best tasting protein powders on the market becoming a real favourite with women.

However, for those ladies looking for all natural protein shakes, Dymatize has released their Elite All Natural Whey brand, which claims to deliver all the benefits and great taste of their standard Elite version but without any artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Let’s take a look and see if it delivers on this promise.


Protein Content and Ingredients


Dymatize prides itself on producing high quality whey protein, and it certainly does this with Elite All Natural Whey, relying on the same protein blend they use in their standard Elite Gourmet range which consists of isolates and micro-filtered concentrates to maintain quality.

There is a whopping 24g of protein making it one of the highest protein contents on our list while only serving up 125 calories. It also contains just 4g of carbs, 2g of fat, 0g of trans fat, and importantly, 0g of sugar making it ideal to be used as a weight loss protein powder.

Its high levels of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) help to avoid your body getting into a catabolic state which, as you may know, can lead to weight gain and muscle loss.

It also delivers on its promise as a natural protein powder as it contains no MSG, artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours, and no aspartame. However, this doesn’t mean it is organic – as far as I can tell no mention is made by Dymatize in their marketing on this point so I’m assuming the ingredients are not certified organic. If you’re looking for an organic protein powder, take a look at this one from BioTRUST.


Taste and Mixability


Well, as I said above, taste is one of the biggies that Dymatize really had to get right with this natural version of Elite, and I can say that they really have delivered. It has a fantastic taste and is still one of the best tasting protein powders on the market – probably the best tasting among our favourite natural protein shakes for women.

To be honest you can’t really tell the difference between this and the standard Elite version, the only big difference being the range of flavours – there are only 3 to choose from in the natural range – Gourmet Vanilla, Strawberry Shake, and Rich Chocolate.

Mixability is good, although slightly less mixable than ON’s Natural Whey. In saying that though, it does contain less sodium than ON’s protein – just 75mg which is 3% RDA




For me I would say the biggest negatives of Dymatize’s Elite All Natural Whey protein powder is that it is not certified organic and non-GMO, although it is natural in the sense that it doesn’t contain any artificial flavours. So if organic and non-GMO protein is important to you, then this is probably not the protein shake for you. Also, the mixability could be better.




Dymatize Elite Natural Whey is an excellent protein shake for women who are looking to lose body fat without suffering muscle loss. The high protein content and great taste are definitely its strongest points and it’s a good example of a natural protein powder that hasn’t sacrificed taste for quality.


Shaker Cup Rating:

4.5 out of 5 shaker cups


Buy Dymatize’s Elite All Natural Whey protein on Amazon.com here

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