Natural Factors Unflavoured Natural Whey Review


Natural Factors is a Canadian supplement company specialising in natural and organic health supplements from bee pollen to echinacea.

However, their Natural Whey protein powder range is gaining popularity especially among women who are looking to avoid artificial sweeteners, colours and other unpleasant additives.

They come in a few different flavours, like Natural Strawberry, Natural Double Chocolate, Natural French Vanilla, and Matcha Green Tea. However, in this review we’re going to take a quick look at the Unflavoured variety since this is about as natural as you can get, right?

Let’s see how it shapes up below


What’s So Special About Natural Factors Unflavoured Whey?


Obviously the big selling point about Natural Factors’ Unflavoured Whey is it has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours and is certified Growth Hormone-free and GMO-free which means you’re not going to be putting any cheap and dodgy chemicals in your system which may cause long-term health damage (despite what big-pharma may tell us about the safety of GMO etc, we really don’t know the long term generational effects of these kinds of chemicals – so why risk it?)


Is It Really Unflavoured?


Now, some protein shakes market themselves as “unflavoured” or natural but actually have a strange almost synthetic or chalky flavour to them. Thankfully Natural Factors’ Unflavoured Whey doesn’t.

It really is unflavoured and is a great choice because you can add it to fruit, milk or yoghurt to make a great smoothie with all the protein benefits and none of the sweetened flavours that come from other flavoured version or brands.

I prefer it added to milk where it mixes well, but is also fine in water although may need some fruit or something added to it to give it some flavour.


Benefits and Protein Content


I will say that I was a little disappointed to see that the Natural Factors Whey has only 15g of protein per serving, which is significantly less than something like BioTrust LowCarb or Optimum Nutrition’s Natural 100% Whey at 24g. However, in saying that the suggested serving size is only 20g (as opposed to around 30g on the others) which means you’re still getting 75% protein per serving which is pretty good.

It is almost zero-carb too with less than 1g per serving and only 2g of fat. It is sugar-free and has no sugar substitutes like sucralose or aspartame.

It also has only 80 calories per serving which makes it the lowest calorie protein shake on our list, and is therefore an excellent choice for ladies on a weight loss diet program.


Protein Quality


The protein in Natural Factors whey is mostly from whey concentrate blended with some isolate, so at first appearance this may seem strange since we usually prefer isolates to concentrates as they tend to be purer and have a higher amino acid profile.

However, the concentrate in Natural Factors’ whey has been microfiltered and is “non-denatured” which means it has been cold processed and is more natural and of a much higher quality than standard whey concentrate.




To be honest there are not many negatives with Natural Factors’ Unflavoured Whey as it delivers on what it promises – a high quality truly natural protein powder without all the filler, artificial flavourings and GMO that you find in some of the other big name brands lining the store shelves.

If there is one gripe I have it is with the amount of protein per serving as mentioned above. 15g is a little on the low side, so if you want more you’ll have to add one and a half or two scoops to each shake, which means you’ll probably get through the tub faster than you might expect – and also increase your calories per serving.




Natural Factors’ Unflavoured Natural Whey is definitely one of the best natural protein powders on the market for women and is ideal for ladies watching their calories and looking to lose weight since there are less than 1g of carbs and 2g of fat per serving, and no sugar.


Shaker Cup Rating:

4.5 out of 5 shaker cups


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