Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Whey Review


Optimum Nutrition (or ON as it’s commonly known) is without doubt one the most popular and well-known protein supplement companies on the planet.

Their flagship Gold Standard 100% Whey has been one of, if not the, best-selling whey protein in the world for the last few years running, and is a solid protein for both men and women.

However, some ladies have rightly been apprehensive about the use of artificial colours and sweeteners like sucralose in this product and want something more natural.

So today I decided to do a quick review of their “Natural” version which claims to have all the benefits of the original Gold Standard product but with only natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Does this tick the right boxes, or have they seriously sacrificed the quality and taste on this in order to go natural?

Let’s find out below


What Is Gold Standard Whey?


Gold Standard Whey is Optimum Nutrition’s flagship product and consists of a unique blend of whey protein isolates and concentrate – with isolates being the major component meaning you get an extremely high quality whey protein. And since whey is the highest quality protein available you know you’re getting real bang for your buck here.

Each 32g serving delivers a whopping 24g of protein and only 5g of carbs and 1g of fat making it an ideal low-carb option.

You also get 5.5 grams of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which will aid muscle repair and growth.


Does It Contain Sugar?


The great thing about 100% Natural Whey is that unlike many standard protein powders on the market it contains NO added sugar. This makes it easier to control your metabolism and reduce acidity within your body. It also means you don’t take on any unnecessary carbs.

The sweetness is derived from Stevia plant extract – on the label it comes under the name “Rebaudioside A”.


What Does It Taste Like?


Despite not having any artificial sweeteners the taste is still surprisingly good even when mixed with water…in fact there is not much difference between this Natural version and the standard 100% Whey, apart from the lack of flavour choice – the Natural version is only available in a maximum of 3 different flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

Of course, taste is quite subjective, especially when it comes to protein powders, but my own preference is vanilla mixed with milk. However, if you’re not used to natural Stevia you may find it a little overly sweet at first.

As with the standard 100% Whey it is “Instantized”, meaning that the mixability is excellent, and can be done with just a spoon and doesn’t leave any lumps.




Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Natural Whey is an excellent protein choice for women at a reasonable price. We always loved Optimum Nutrition’s original 100% Gold Standard Whey, but always felt that it would be nice to have an option that didn’t contain anything artificial. Thankfully, the Natural 100% Whey has answered this need and in our opinion it is one of the best protein powders out there.


Shaker Cup Rating:

5 out of 5 shaker cups


Buy Optimum Nutrition’s Natural 100% Whey here

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