Reviewing The Shake Weight Dumbbells – Are They Any Good For Women?

So you’ve got your protein and nutrition intake sorted, and are now looking to get started on a fitness program and seeking out equipment options to utilize? If so, you might have come across something called the Shake Weight. Available for both men and women in two different weights, five pounds for the ladies and 10 pounds for the men, this weight is a popular choice for those looking to do home workout programs.

But how does it really stand up as far as your progress goes? Should you invest in a Shake Weight to see the fastest results possible?

Let’s walk you through our review of the Shake Weight so that you can get the low down on this piece of fitness equipment.


What The Shake Weight Is


In structure, the Shake Weight looks like a normal dumbbell in a sense that it has one solid handle in the centre with two weights on either end.

The difference however between this weight and the normal dumbbell is that the weights are attached by a spring on either end. This allows you to ‘shake’ the weight, which is what activates the muscle building properties, as explained by the creator of the company.


How The Shake Weight Works


The idea behind the Shake Weight is that it will be working off a principle called dynamic inertia, where as you counteract the shaking motion of the weight, your muscles will be stimulated, growing stronger throughout the process.

Since these dumbbells are quite light, they can be transported anywhere, allowing you to never miss a workout. The weights also come with a workout DVD that will walk you through a variety of different exercises you can do to target all the upper body muscles, getting you started with the workout program.

This workout program is just 6 minutes in length total, so is very ideal for anyone who is struggling to get into better shape while keeping up a hectic daily schedule.




  • The weights are light so almost anyone can easily use them
  • The weights are cost effective at just $19.99 and $29.99
  • They are ideal for those doing a home workout program
  • Because the weight is so light, there will be less total stress being placed on the joints when using these weights compared to normal style dumbbells
  • Most people will find them relatively fun to use, thus this may help they stick with their workout program longer than if they were using regular dumbbells
  • The weights come with a 100% money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose by trying them
  • Most people find this product very easy and comfortable to use
  • There are many positive customer testimonials who have started seeing great results within just one week of using the Shake Weight




  • Because these shake weights are so light, they are not going to keep challenging you as you get stronger.
  • For most men, 10 pounds is simply too light to get in a very effective workout
  • The muscles will not be worked through a full range of motion with the shake weights, thus they will not improve strength and fitness to the same degree a normal dumbbell style workout program would
  • Some users may experience muscle spams during the workout and need to discontinue it
  • If you want to lose weight while using the Shake Weight, you will need to follow a proper diet as well as the workout itself, being 6 minutes in length, will not burn all that many calories


The Verdict


All in all, if you are someone who is looking for a way to get in better shape at home, you can give some consideration to the Shake Weight. It’s great for those who suffer from joint pain and may not be able to lift heavier loads of weights but still want to do some resistance training.

Just do be aware that as you get stronger, these weights may not continue to challenge you as they first did and since you cannot add any more weight to them, you’ll need to switch over to a more conventional workout program at that point.

But for the beginner who’s just looking to get started, they will be quite happy with this investment.


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